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Archives for August 2018

What Five Minutes of Silence Can Do for Your Brain

The benefits of taking time out of the day to focus on well-being and lowering stress levels.

In a past article, journalist Andrea Chalupa suggested everyone make a plan to take out 24 hours in solitude. She quotes her father, Dr. Leo Chalupa, saying that “A national day of absolute solitude would do more to improve the brains of all Americans than any other one-day program.” This might sound scary to some and intriguing to others, but have no fear, this is not going to happen. But what can happen?

Thomas Merton said, “Solitude is not something you must hope for in the future. Rather, it is a deepening of the present, and unless you look for it in the present you will never find it.”

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How Loneliness Helps Us Heal

This brief animation explains how the places we feel least at home often provide us with the ability to feel most like ourselves.

When we envision where it is we feel most at home, it is often in the company of other people: be it sitting around the dinner table with our family, at a local bar with our friends, or simply walking around our neighbourhood, passing familiar faces as we go.

But as this video from School of Life points out, sometimes the places we feel most drawn to are places with no one around at all. Places that are stark, isolated, or even downbeat.

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Your Breath is Your Brain’s Remote Control

A new study has found evidence to show that there is actually a direct link between nasal breathing and our cognitive functions.

We have all heard this simple saying during times of trouble: “Take a deep breath in.” Science being science, however, indicates that we may now have to update this old adage to read “Take a deep breath in it will help you be more emotionally aware but only if you inhale specifically through your nostrils and not your mouth—good luck.”

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