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In Person Therapy

Traditional THERAPY

Traditional therapy, also known as “in person” therapy, is where one seeks support from a counselor in an office setting. The primary focus is having time set aside to enter a safe, compassionate space to quiet the outside world, and mindfully focus on inner reflection, in ways to create goals with lasting changes.

The benefits of in person therapy can expand to all aspects of well being to one’s emotional health, but also may aid in the healing of the mind, body, and spirit. As we often gravitate to thoughts of inadequacy in troubling times, we may then create feelings of shame and beliefs that hold us as inevitably damaged. Finding ways to navigate out of a storm may appear daunting, but by seeking support you are courageously giving yourself the gift of healing, and beginning the process of building a foundation of self-compassion and peace.

The important thing to know is that therapy offers autonomy in ways to navigate your truth, and though an unbiased counselor may support you on this journey, treatment goals are essentially aligned with your individual values, needs, and wants.

As an affirmative CA and GA LMFT, I am honored that you have found your way to consider my role in supporting this journey for you. My wish is to support your individual concerns, in addition to your diverse cultural, spiritual, relational, sexual, and gender value systems.

Aditional Services

Compassionate Therapy

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Online Therapy

Online therapy allows counseling support via the internet with video conference through a HIPAA compliant medium. Many choose this form of counseling due to


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