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Online therapy allows counseling support via the internet with video conference through a HIPAA compliant medium. Many choose this form of counseling due to constraints of traffic, travel plans, scheduling, limitations of childcare, or needs to stay anonymous.

It is important to note that online therapy may never replace traditional therapy and its benefits of energetically connecting with a therapist face to face, but many find that having the choice to see a therapist online allows consistency in reaching one’s goals of healing.

Just as with traditional therapy, people turn to the internet for counseling to increase ways to process life’s challenges. And as each client is different, some prefer ongoing therapy, while others decide to try a single session for guidance on a specific matter.

What is important to note is that online therapy, though beneficial to offer a space to focus on inner reflection, is not appropriate for clinical emergencies or acute issues that require a higher level of care. Some examples may be suicidal ideations, domestic violence, acute eating disorders, PTSD, severe trauma related issues, borderline personality disorders, and those suffering deep depressive or anxious states of being.

It is also paramount to be aware that though I take every measure possible to stay HIPAA compliant with an online portal, I cannot guarantee 100 percent confidentiality with emails, texts, and video conferencing, due to the ever-growing glitches and nuances in technology. However, please know these cases are rare by far, but it’s important that you are aware of all aspects of using this platform.

If you reside in CA or in GA, and are unsure if this is the right medium for you please feel free to reach out and we can discuss if this would be the best fit.

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