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Please be sure to see my workshop portfolio video, and feel free to review the following workshops that I have previously offered below. If you have a topic not listed, and would like to request one, please contact me and I will be happy to submit a seminar proposal with content and pricing.

  • Online Dating  – The Latest Trends & Red Flag Issues
  • Team Work and Interpersonal Effectiveness – Positive Communication Skills in Work, Family, and Relationships.
  • Transitions to Uncouple
  • Co Parenting through Divorce / Trauma
  • Relationships – Single Women and Men Seeking Love
  • Positive Self Esteem in Adulthood and Ways To Reduce Shame
  • Love, Sex & Relationships – Breaking Codependency
  • I Am Enough- Breaking the Chains of an Eating Disorder

To book Candace Dale Mckenzie, LMFT for events please call : 310 795 6537 or email

To watch Workshop portfolio video (click here)

Aditional Services

Compassionate Therapy

Compassion-focused therapy (CFT) aims to help promote mental and emotional healing by encouraging people in treatment to be compassionate toward themselves and other

Traditional Therapy

Traditional therapy, also known as “in person” therapy, is where one seeks support from a counselor in an office setting. The primary focus is having time set …

Online Therapy

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