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By Appointment


Please be sure to see my workshop portfolio video, and feel free to review the following workshops that I have previously offered below. If you have a topic not listed, and would like to request one, please contact me and I will be happy to submit a seminar proposal with content and pricing.


Many come to therapy to learn new ways of thinking, manage anxiety, depression, stress, or learn ways to create change in ways to find fulfillment in life again. I honor that coming to a complete stranger to discuss life’s challenges may seem daunting. I am here to compassionately meet you where you are at by providing a safe, supportive space. Together we can explore ineffective patterns, and work on strengthening coping , communication, problem solving skills, self compassion, as well as ways to deepen relationships for lasting change

Yes, this is a great way for us to see if we are good fit, and to answer any of your questions. On our first visit we will expand on our phone consultation by gathering medical and psychological history, key events, relationships, current stressors, and goals you would like to achieve

I am solution focused and believe in supporting your own journey to complete therapy. As each individual differs in the intensity and length of issue, I always encourage a collaborative effort to see what is best for you, and set time frames for your discharge, (i.e. usually 10 to 12 sessions.) Please know, you are never required to return after a session, that is unless there is an encouragement to return due to a crisis. Please note, I am also ethically bound to refer you to another clinician if needed, or terminate if you are not benefiting from our time together.  

Please check our FAQS page for additional info…

As a member of the California and American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, Candace is dedicated to the highest ethics and standards of the profession. 

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