What issues do you support?

I treat Adults with Anxiety and Mood, OCD and Related Disorders, Depressive and Bipolar Related Disorders, Trauma and Adjustment Disorders, Eating Disorders and Substance Use, Borderline and Personality Disorders, Relational Issues, Life Transitions , Complex Grief, Insomnia, and support for LGBTQIA community when needed .

I have never been to therapy before. What do I expect?  

Many come to therapy to learn new ways of thinking, manage anxiety, depression, stress, or learn ways to create change in ways to find fulfillment in life again. I honor that coming to a complete stranger to discuss life’s challenges may seem daunting. I am here to compassionately meet you where you are at by providing a safe, supportive space. Together we can explore ineffective patterns, and work on strengthening coping , communication, problem solving skills, self compassion, as well as ways to deepen relationships for lasting change. 

What is a Marriage and Family Therapist ( MFT)? 

MFTs are highly trained mental health professionals who bring relational perspectives to health care. They evaluate and treat mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders with individual, couples, and family counseling, as well as assist with group therapy. A MFT’s role is not to advise you on decisions, but instead assist you in finding your own path. 

Can you see individuals as a MFT?  

Yes!  MFTs absolutely may see individuals with all facets of issues. This is not an uncommon concern that we hear over and over again due to the confusion of the name and our licensing umbrella . 

Does what we talk about stay confidential? 

Confidentiality is important for a therapeutic alliance. I cannot legally release information about you without obtaining your written permission, except for the following cases : 1) Reasonable suspicion of abuse of children, dependent adults, or elders, 2) Reasonable suspicion that you are in serious danger of harming yourself or others, and 3) If there is a court order from a judge.  Please note: I will review these policies in depth and encourage any questions surrounding the limits of your confidentiality. 

 Do you offer Free Phone Consultations, and what happens on our first visit?   

Yes, this is a great way for us to see if we are a good fit, and to answer any of your questions. On our first visit we will expand on our phone consultation by gathering medical and psychological history, key events, relationships, current stressors, and goals you would like to achieve.

How many sessions will I need?  

I am solution focused and believe in supporting your own journey to complete therapy. As each individual differs in the intensity and length of issue, I always encourage a collaborative effort to see what is best for you, and to support time frames for your discharge. CBT protocol usually suggests 10 to 12 sessions, but again some may choose shorter or longer periods of time for therapy. You are never required to return after a session, that is unless there is an encouragement to return due to a crisis. I am also ethically bound to refer you to another clinician if needed, or terminate if you are not benefiting from our time together. 

 How much does a session cost, what’s included, and do you cover insurance?  

Due to the enormous challenges of billing and seeking reimbursements from providers, I only offer private pay options. However, if needed I am happy to provide a superbill to submit to your provider.  My private fees are currently $220.00 for a full 50 mins, and payment is due after each session. Sessions include assessments, clarifying goals, allowing a space for you to process emotions, introducing grounding skills,and structuring meaningful interventions that are individualized. After each session, you will then receive a visual tool and homework to practice these skills in real life. Please know, if needed I am happy to refer you to other providers that I can refer you to if you choose to use your insurance.

Do you Offer Sliding Scale ? 

For those that need a sliding scale, please feel free to inquire.  I have allotted slots  for reduced sessions and these may depend on providing your annual income. If there are no open times, I will be happy to add you to my wait list, or refer you to a talented clinician that would best fit your financial needs.

What if I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel I require a 24 hour cancellation or the full fee will be charged. Once a time slot is reserved and there is a no show, I am unable to fill in that appointment time. Please know this is not to blame anyone, but a logistical aspect to support my business. Therefore, you will be asked to fill out a CC authorization form at your first session that I will keep on file, and use only in the case of a late cancellation. If there is a cancellation for the first session, I will then ask that the informed consent and CC form be filled out prior to our first meeting. 

Can you provide services to write letters for Emotional Animals, Disability Advocacy or  assessments, testify in Court Hearings or Depositions as a percipient or expert witness?

Due to a conflict of interest and hope to assist you only in your therapeutic goals, I do not wish to voluntarily provide services to advocate for Emotional Support Animals, assist in court proceedings, or disability assessments that would include: testimony, letter writing, or signing declarations, as these all may evolve past my role to help you with your emotional goals, leading to unethical, dual forensic relationships.  Please note, by law there may be some circumstances in which I may receive a court order to testify on your behalf. Therefore, as part of my informed consent, I require fees if these rare circumstances arise.